Forget Me Not

Do you ever have those moments where you hope that God didn't forget about you?
Like he left you alone down here to fend for yourself with no help at all?
Sometimes I feel like that. But I also forget that God is way smarter than me. (To say the least)
I can't see the things he sees and I can't tell him what is the right way to go about doing things.
He knows best- not me.
So maybe he didn't forget about me.
Maybe he really is remembering me, just not in the way I look for it.
Don't know if I'm making sense here, but I think God works in ways we don't understand.
When we think he's not there, he is there, maybe just not in the way we would want him to be.
Just some thoughts from a girl sippin coffee on a Thursday morning. Thanks for listening, friends :)
And God, thanks for reminding me today you didn't forget about me and you never will.

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