I don't always post photos from weddings I shoot- but I had to with this particular wedding. This past weekend I was able to travel up to my hometown, to shoot this beautiful event. The wedding was nothing short of wonderful. Small, and intimate, with love and happiness breathing throughout the entire day.


The bride, Lily. As beautiful and poised as her name.


It was so fun for me personally because I was able to share in the day with my best friend who did the
bride's hair. We have always wanted to work together and finally got the chance! I went to elementary school with Lily, and was also able to see so many people I haven't seen in years! It was great to hear what wonderful things they are doing in the world and how much we have all grown up.

They had a food truck cater, and some amazing table settings and decorations. All done right at
the house Lily grew up in!


And I just had to post these photos of the brides beautiful Kate Spade gold glitter heels. I couldn't
stop taking photos of them they were so darn cute! I found some on Ebay here...

All in all it was a wonderful wedding to shoot, it didn't feel like work at all. After a stressful week,
this wedding was just what I needed!

Congrats Lily and Robert! You are both beautiful and make a brilliant couple.


Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job on the photos! You are so talented. Now I want photography tips from you! So great. Teri

Erin Royer said...

Way to go Joanna! You rocked the shoot for this wedding! To Lily and Robert, congratulations!!!

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