Here are some shots from my bridal shower this weekend!

This one was in my home town, Arroyo Grande. There were so many wonderful
people who pitched in to make this shower look and feel amazing.
Everything from the favors, food, even the books on the shelf were coordinated to
match the theme and colors. It was absolutely beautiful.

One month from today, I will be marrying my best friend.
I am so thankful for this special time in life- so blessed to have so many amazing people
praying for us and helping us with everything and anything that comes up.

The Lord is good and I am a thankful little bride-to-be :)

PS- I went to my shower with some red lips. There's a great tutorial here if you want
to learn how to make the perfect red lip!

Thanks to my beautiful bridesmaid Tamara Shibata for taking these photos!

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